Kody Smith

My name is Kody Smith I’m responsible for onsite trades and service operations. I work closely with safety officials, site-wide services  and our administration team to support our workers in the field. Their are a lot of inherent risk and danger associated with our Energy and Construction business therefore we put a primary focus on the safety of our contractors and staff.  

I have extensive experience working live, pre-construction and maintenance energy service sites along with residential and commercial new builds and renovation projects. Carpentry, Gas Well Servicing and Scaffolding have been my primary trades of work through the years. Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta the construction industry has been secondary nature to me my whole life. I enjoy leading teams in the field and taking on projects that require strong communication and teamwork. My work is prided on my ability to meet and exceed customers expectations, when not in the field or office working you’ll find me at the Lake, Gym or on an outdoor adventure.