Our industrial and commercial team focuses on pipeline, facility construction, lease development, turnaround/shutdown projects and general construction. We specialize in the fabrication and maintenance of piping systems that carry essential substances including; steam, water, chemicals and fuel that keep facilities and plant operations running smoothly and safely.  

Residential & Commercial 

DMF Energy’s residential and commercial construction team is responsible for new construction builds, renovation/restoration projects, and demolition. Some of the responsibilities and services include attaining legal permits, developing floor plans, flooring, clearing building site, framing and utility/drywall instillation.    

Civil & Institutional 

The foundation of our civil and institutional service team is built on efficient time utilization, supreme professionalism and excellent safety protocol. The department works with various levels of government and private enterprises providing support in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, dams and physical buildings. 

DMF Signature & Design Homes

DMF Modular Technology™ offers the next generation in affordable and stylish living work-spaces. We offer a verity of designs and custom concept developments for studio, residential, vacation and commercial purposes. Key elements of our construction design services are providing clients prospective project architectural drawings, renderings and technical engineering drawings, including site identification, acquisitions, working plans and zoning permit approvals.